tricked by boys

July 14, 2014

born an apple always
an apple and with
a dick is worse

the balls they scream
for ladies cream
they’ll tell you
it’s really a curse

us girls just laugh
and laugh at yous

oh simple boys
don’t get confused

it’s better than singing
the clitoris

tricked by boys again.


My Barbie

May 1, 2013

My body is a vessel and my barbie is a vibrator.
Thin and pink I guide her through each secret desire
And she complies without complaint
And she knows exactly how I like it.

My Barbie is beautiful and in my dreams
I look like her.
In my dreams I make love to Ken in a bright pink convertible
Outside of Stacie’s house.

My barbie is my vibrator and
She teaches me how to give blowjobs without teeth
And how to walk on stilts with bent feet.

My Barbie goes to parties and drinks too much vodka
Stolen from Theresa’s parent’s liquor cabinet
And she kisses Theresa in front of the boys
To make them jealous.

My barbie is a reflection in a department store window
Selling lace panties and diet pills and push up bras.

My barbie is my vessel is my soul is my vibrator
Is my waxed upper lip and tight tank top.