May 29, 2014

#yesallwomen sexual harassment and assault is a difficult thing to discuss as a woman because it doesn’t seem to be taken seriously by most people. Often the victims are criticized and doubted, and then there’s that question of if she was asking for it…. I might be so bold as to say most women I know have been sexually harassed or assaulted in their lives, even if they will not recognize it.



May 15, 2014

Everything I say sounds d-u-m-b
even just admitting that is just that
written across my f-o-r-e-h-e-a-d
let me do that for you
I write sad poems to make myself
feel better
backwards, walking backwards, always
I think I might upset you for a second
then you will go about your day as usual
nothing lasts forever
time h-e-a-l-s all IF you’ve got the right amount
of chemicals in your brain
do you?
I wish I knew karate
Would like to kick myself
hard because it would make me feel better.
I get Morrissey.
He loves his drama sure but I think
it might be real do you?
Just wonder why he isn’t dead yet.


The most beautiful tooth I’ve ever seen
was crooked. In his full-lipped mouth it
danced with his laugh, leaned on a bigger
adjacent tooth. He had thirty-two teeth
in that mouth, all of them but one 
straight as an arrow, white as the clouds in
a Simpson’s sky but I could only see the 
crooked one nestled near the center. It 
had secrets to tell me, gave me a smile
with the glow of a child and I leaned in, 
longed to hear all that it had to say. Kissed 
him on the mouth, rubbed my tongue 
along thirty two teeth tasted the secrets
of each but none were as sweet as his
crooked tooth.