EARTH DAY POEM (a day early)

April 21, 2014

That full sky
spits grub into the mouths of
green stems, red geraniums…

a vague light, as if from
the set of a movie
(the sun) hides
between the greyness of
clouds; it is all comparable
to the birds.

It always rains on Earth Day.

As if it were my
grandmother, always teaching lessons
through story books and
always with the same ending; oh
how small we are and
children especially.

I wish to be larger

when it rains
on Earth Day. Like

that tree branch reaching
for its mother’s mouth, always
going just past it
never fully nurtured, always
standing in the
in-between but

with such poise.

I would wait for the
of thunder and lightning
to soak through my trunk;
a meal chewed by her
the sky.

You see
man is not
so special

on Earth Day

when it rains
(it always does)

it is
for the rest.


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