Once upon a time, in a small town just outside of a big city, there lived a man with a paintbrush. Ever the opportunistic American, he fooled his neighbors into thinking he was an artist – and not of the con variety! “What beautiful flags he draws,” the businessmen would say, who were all related to the mob but who gives a damn anyway. What matters is a love for the colors on the flag; the way it dances in the air as it claims new territory. Like a dog pissing on every tree near his home this man with a paintbrush worked on his American flags for every worn-out mobster with a buck. Oh it was truly great for the con artist.

Each compliment made his head a bit larger. This change in appearance became apparent a few months after his fame began to rise and was glaringly obvious after a year of the big scam. In fact, his head weighed half as much as his entire body by the time it got stuck in a doorway. The man could hardly look his followers in the eyes, what with such a heavy head and small neck. Some people started to worry, but not too many people, because nobody cares about anyone else all too much anyway.

Well, this con artist was sure in deep trouble. Stuck in the doorway to his home, just a few feet from his bed (where he sleeps all alone), the man called for help. “Help me please! I am stuck in this doorway!” But the townspeople did not know what to do. You see, the man lived in a house completely made of stars and stripes. Red, white and blue colored wood spanned four stories. It had become a site for tourists to visit (mostly Christians who had a prayer booth set up a mile back), all of whom were afraid to deface the patriotic abode. “I’d like to help you sir but you are stuck in a flag. It is illegal to break that.” And so the con artist pleaded “Well yes it is, but in this case I really do think it’s necessary…” The tourists found the artist to be quite contradictory.

Day turned to night and the man with a paintbrush fell asleep in the doorway of a giant American flag. His 70lb noggin could not fight the power of gravity and so his body was slumped in a very strange position; the kind you expect to find at a crime scene (but without blood – this story is child-friendly). It really was a funny way to sleep, and the kids in the neighborhood couldn’t help but laugh. “What a giant head that man has!” But nobody moved him because they were afraid to defile the flag, and secondly because he weighs a lot and they did not want to strain their muscles. The con man died a few days later with the Christians looking from their prayer booth.

And so the legend goes, the spirit of the con man haunts every American flag painted building in every small town for all of eternity. SO if you don’t want your business to be haunted by a fake artist with a big head DO NOT pay for a painting of the American flag!



That full sky
spits grub into the mouths of
green stems, red geraniums…

a vague light, as if from
the set of a movie
(the sun) hides
between the greyness of
clouds; it is all comparable
to the birds.

It always rains on Earth Day.

As if it were my
grandmother, always teaching lessons
through story books and
always with the same ending; oh
how small we are and
children especially.

I wish to be larger

when it rains
on Earth Day. Like

that tree branch reaching
for its mother’s mouth, always
going just past it
never fully nurtured, always
standing in the
in-between but

with such poise.

I would wait for the
of thunder and lightning
to soak through my trunk;
a meal chewed by her
the sky.

You see
man is not
so special

on Earth Day

when it rains
(it always does)

it is
for the rest.

quitting the shit

April 21, 2014

When I’m by
I’m in
bad company.

That’s what
she said and
it resonated
with me so that
I sent it as a
to my boyfriend.

He quit
the shit
for me.

I didn’t
the shit yet.

That guilt
enormous as
a brick on my
down until —

Well I tell him
of course.

Everything I do
controlled by fear.

Everything I do


he quit the shit
for me.

I confess to him.

He forgives
Must be
in love with

Everything I do proves
cowardly. But

I want to stop for him.

He quit the shit
for me.

Made it
my poetry.

Everything I do
I do
without caution

Except for the things
that are close
to his heart.

I confess and
supports me.

Quit the
and must be
in love.

This is the
I’ve ever written.

the sweetness
of Sunday morning
in the
palm of my hand.

hope & trains & mornings

April 14, 2014

There is undeniable hope in a summer morning; this is the kind that

reminds me what I’m afraid of.

I’m on a train. I live my whole life on a train. I once had a car but that’s gone now and besides,

I never really owned it anyway.

My birthday is on groundhogs day. Is that why I am afraid

of my own shadow?

I’ve met brave people in this world. I fell in love with them all


I think

they are something I cannot be.

I am a groundhog.

Some people — generous people

they call admission bravery


I think it’s quite the opposite.

There is hope in the sunshine;

there is hope in the spring morning

throwback thursday sucks

April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday
ruined my life.

It’s not so much
that I was cool
beforehand but
now I know for sure
I will never

my past

The truth in
me was
via eighth grade photos.

Cockblocked again.

Throwback Thursday
gave me

Had to see the doc
told me I had the
prescribed me some anti
anxiety medication now
I am
to Xanax.

Brought me back
to narcotics

Sold my laptop
for a

ran away for
the open

picked up by a
man of about my age.

He said
aren’t you
Stacey’s sister?

He said he loved
that Christmas card
recently posted.

I jumped from the
moving vehicle.

Throwback Thursday
broke both my

21st century poetry

April 4, 2014

He told me
he would break
to kiss me.

21st century love.

The kind you
in a messy bedroom
quoting lines
from a documentary
that made me

Not eating meat
stands for

He showed me
the movie
lying under covers
one arm around
a small waist and
a cigarette
out the window.

I call myself an
Eating scraps of
I stand for

21st century philosophies.

The kind we discuss
over the static of
a state line. That
kind of repetitive
thinking of all things

And he called himself an
existentialist but
he stands for something.

Documentaries don’t
show deleted
scenes. Documentaries
do not give you
contact information.

He kissed my
lips, breathed in
the faint smell of
chicken fingers
and bacon.

I told him
is 21st century poetry.