morrissey says

January 27, 2014

I write my name on love handles
in swirls, hardly recognizable
tickling the end of a universe
leaking onto the bed sheets.

Two addicts discussing
the wisdom of

Like a cat licking her lover
who is also her brother
softening the mind, the fur
bristles rubbing the skin
the sun and the burn of day
that wakes me up sometimes.

Does the body rule the mind
or does the mind rule the body?

I don’t know. I mix up
the color of the ocean and the color
of the sky.

One is blue and the other is bluer, I can tell
sometimes where one starts and one ends
but the snow on the old dump
is more aware

Skipping rocks into clouds,
flying with the fishes
blasting kisses into space.
I am the one
who the tree trunks mimic.

And here we are, two addicts discussing
a man humming so sorry’s into misery
and mystery, still alive but dead inside
or are we faking it?

More often it seems
the air is not for breathing but
for dancing round and round
twirling skirt pulled over the eyes,
over the mouth so that
kissing the fabric is all that is left
but  better to be here
than out back

having a smoke
the schoolyard.

The hole
in the sky at night
lets the light come through
shines hallelujah
singing holy mother
this is the space
where water weeps
to air.

My heart has a heart of its own.


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