an old poem / my current job / an old relationship / metropolis

January 23, 2014

Writing apartment descriptions for a real estate agency
is not the best gig for a lonely soul. No, this job is not
for a soul at all but the rotting cracks that make up a
New York City sidewalk because in Chelsea, the flower
district is roaring with big eyes. They wish to see something
more than the seed they plant and getting nothing but
tourists, nothing but bored blue-collar workers or a couple
in love. Curse the couples in love.

With this two-bedroom vacation rental in Villiers, Paris
you will reach the famous greenery of Parc Monceau
just a few steps away from your door.

I am a flower stuck in the rotting cracks, typing
with green stems, which shine only to the cursed
couple and only for a little while. If you stay in one
of our New York City accommodations you will live
like a local, but only the locals who are in love, and
only for a short while.

I invited a traveler to live in my house. I hoped she would
help me see the beauty in my broken toilet, molded shower,
tiny bed and stained floors. But she was not honest, no, she
did not want to live like a local only a queen and I got a bad

Would you like to explore the famous hillsides of the
South of France? I painted a mountain like Cezanne once
in my living room and it resembled a place I see in my

With this three-bedroom apartment in the Upper East Side
you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most
influential people in the world. Here you will  fall into a
warm puddle among wilting flowers  and you will wonder
if your reflection sees through the milk of your eyes.

Thank you for joining our Vacation Rental Video Tour.
See you next time!


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