“The dilemma of the hippie”

January 18, 2014

We are a part of nature – to love humankind,
is to love the earth. Oh but humans can be so
brutal. War and murder, drowning babies in
bathtubs and to kill a pup or kitten! It is simple
to see the evil in us and to differentiate.
After all, we have that word – EGO.

And so we flock to those which do not.
The kind dirt we lay on, the birds who
sing sweet songs upon morning’s breath.
We want to say, nature is gentle – oh it does
not have the EGO.

It is then we feel the sting of truth in the grass
which once held us in its arms as if born from it.

In the summer, I drove to a lake. Without a proper
way in the water I thought – to cut throw the field!
How easy it will be. And then to swim in the lake
alone and naked. How pleasant a scene!

Halfway in, the grass cut up to my knees —
burning with a passion I had never quite felt.
The earth was unforgiving after all! Oh and it
showed no mercy, did not have an EGO and
could not interpret my screams. I cannot go
this way! I must get out!

Reaching the road, I grabbed a water bottle
from the car – kissing it, oh sweet water, thank
the heavens – and I poured it down red hot

My childhood innocence of an ever-loving
goodness was broken. It was then I slipped
into existentialism — where I have stayed
for quite some time now.

Though from afar I think I can see the joke,
the joke of existence (as Huxley would say…)
there is badness in the beauty and also beauty
in the badness. They are one in the same.

And so goes the dilemma of the hippie —
always searching for something warm and
finding both hot and cold at once —
And so it goes… (as Vonnegut would say).

The only logical reaction to life
is an endless series of hypocrisy.


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