Sugar Daddy

November 12, 2013

Pancakes for dinner taste especially
lovely when they are paid for by you, my
married man with child. Sugar, you are
special. Tell me more stories of your past
troubles, rest your weary head on my young
shoulders and let me comfort you. She is
bad to you, undressing for other men while you
watch your three year old daughter grow up.

Don’t be afraid daddy, I know the universe
is constantly expanding and so are we, small
but growing larger. She has outgrown you, why
will you pay her bills? Love is a cunt and a
half, but I’m here for you baby, and thanks for
the shoes.

We plan trips for later days and you sleep
in your mother’s house wondering what
your wife is doing in the home you pay for,
who she is texting and why isn’t it you? Don’t
cry my love, you are a deep thinker and deep
thinkers eat shit for breakfast, it is our curse,
but I’ll hold you now while you fall into slumber,
where bad dreams are only dreams.

I am not her and I am lovely to you. You are
a broken vase of glass and I am a flower,
jumping inside you to keep you as beautiful
as you’ve always been. This time we’ll have
a laugh, baby, and it will be deep and hearty.

She doesn’t deserve you but she has you. Old with
wisdom, and yet you love the woman who has
nothing for you. I have nothing but kisses for your
neck, no promise of a future. I am a flower in a broken
glass vase. Thank you for the new leather bag.


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