The comfort of our skin is still here

August 12, 2013

What does it matter where your mind lies when the comfort
of our skin is still here? When deep walnut-colored eyes
become darker as I try to swim because they are quick sand
and I knew that when I entered?

I do not care about the future. I do not think about
it when I go to sleep at night. I do not care
about it at all. I do not wonder what will come
of things when we cover each other in compliments
and kisses.

The other day, I remembered I don’t know you. I
used to want to know you but now I know we can
never know anyone and it does not bother me
anymore. I do not think about the future because
there is no future. I let myself bathe in the comfort
of the present because it is it.

You walk around in Princess dresses from your
childhood. You kiss frogs in exchange for tall men
with money and instead you get diseased and sprinkled
with warts. In old age you resemble your evil stepsisters
but you are not a villain, only self-righteous and lonely and

We are not ants. We gather food for ourselves and
we sleep in separate houses. We are not wholly
connected or holy connected or wholly rejected. We
are a string of mangled lies and truth. When we are
hungry, we fight for ourselves. When we are lonely,
we love each other.

Do not pray for me. I skip in green fields with naked
flesh and I bare my soul only to the trees who whisper
nothing back to me but it is just another truth. I am
much like the bugs and the birds and the fish. I kiss frogs
purely to kiss frogs. I wear a torn and muddled dress to
show you what real life looks like.


2 Responses to “The comfort of our skin is still here”

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h Says:

    visceral, lucid, original. such beautiful verse. tony

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