take me somewhere nice pt. II

July 24, 2013

So mysterious is my mother to me, her
web spinning dirt around the spectacular
blaze of creation. I sit surrounded by a
million buzzing bugs, reflecting on the
four-foot door into Alice’s mansion, or is it
Mrs. Rumfoord’s? Down a black corridor
just past endless cockroaches (the human
brain) sits the edge of the universe, where
all things are made equal. Oh what an
idea! But haven’t those black corridors been known
to destroy even the wisest men? Well these cockroaches
will not run from me!  I have stayed in my corner
(the left side) with a heart full of blame only on myself,
but what makes that any better? Oh mother, protect
me from myself. Take me to the edge of somethingness
where nothing is celebrated. Oh mama, these
heavy bugs have teeth with which to bite and I don’t
know where to run. To stay in one place would be
to die unborn.


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