Montauk Boy

July 18, 2013

I hide in underground
Montauk where your floor boards
and dirt creak and cry. A
clipped together
fallacy pile of

Stranger, your
belly roars like the
falsity of my childhood.

We gathered daisies
and water lilies by the
pond. She sang me
the words of a blazing flame
and I scarred my knees
and soft head.

Stranger, you are
her. A new shape has
replaced delicate curves
and blackness I suppose,
is only eternal and
I am the cockroach
eating your body
after the grip on your
throat tightens.

My brain bleeds
through my ears
and nose and you
are sucked into the
screaming blackness
of the night.


One Response to “Montauk Boy”

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h Says:

    thank you for reminding me of that mystical place. tony

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