Coffee is Poisoned with Govt Conspiracies

June 28, 2013

Lies perk in my kitchen.
I know I have to move.
I don’t want to.

Hot liquids and conspiracy theories
don’t bother me anymore.
This is what you wanted.
This is what I wanted.

In Staten Island I watch television.
I secretly hate the tube.
I watch it with fine wine.

A hot cup of lies
really gets me going in the morning.
But only to head to work
as a small man
selling myself.

My laugh sounds different every day.
I don’t swing on swing sets.
I drink coffee.

I don’t want to get up.
This is what you wanted.

I ate the news today.
It tasted of lies
and coffee.

In Staten Island I take the train
to the ferry
to the train
to work.

I spend money on metro cards,
steaming hot lies
with sugar and milk.

When my supervisor is home
I slack off.

When my coffee is ready
I wake up.

My eyes are crusty because
I’m sleeping.


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