June 24, 2013

Inside that cloud over there, to the left, a dream the shape of your finger scratches the inside of my nose and I cough. You always make me cough.

Little boy looks up at the finger. He points his hand in the air and his finger matches that in the sky. The little boy is you and you’re curious. You are cute when you’re curious but your finger in the sky makes me cough.

You are the farmer’s son and you run in green fields at night with imaginary friends and you are not afraid except for that cloud that points down at you and fits your mold.

I am your imaginary friend. I have blue hair.

You are lamb and you never knew any other way but to baaah. You baaah and you baaah and you wonder why the other animals do not answer you. You don’t know if you’re baaahing out loud or in your head. You don’t know because the other animals won’t answer you.

I am the other animals. I don’t have a voice box.

Lamb cries in the middle of the night. Farmer wipes lamb’s tears away. “We are nothing but a passing thought.”

I am not the farmer but I wish, I wish I was your Mother Lamb. I would tell you farmer is right. I would tell you to please stop itching my nose with your dreams. I would tell you it’s rude, and I’ve taught you manners!

You are little boy and you go to school in a red one-room schoolhouse. You are inside a coloring book. I colored your hair green.  My cough left sprinkles of spit on your shorts.

Lamb names himself DOOM. He will be killed and eaten. This is the way life works. You are the lamb.

You look to the finger in the sky. I’ve painted it grey and I’ve drawn two eyes, a nose, and a mouth inside in black marker. I meant to give the cloud a grin, but my hand slipped on the spit on your shorts.

You are the farmer. You dream of something bigger. Everyone dreams of something bigger. That was one of your thoughts. You send your son to the red one-room schoolhouse. The lamb is slaughtered.

You love them both.

Your scratch made me cough.

You are the finger in the cloud.

You are the coloring book.


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