Camping in your Brain

June 7, 2013

I packed my bags with basics and hitchhiked up your insides.
I passed three-headed travelers
who didn’t move like zombies
so I tried not to worry.

They looked at me with words written all over their faces.
I didn’t get a good look, but one word was STRANGE
so I felt self-conscious
and I put my head down.

The Doctor is dying and can’t translate alien languages.
A barrier forms.
You’ll like me until you can’t understand me.

The wind coming through your ears gave me chills.
I tried making a fire by rubbing together two sticks
which had appeared moments earlier
when I was searching for my soul
and found two sticks instead.

I never learned to make a fire with sticks
so I tried until my hands bled
and went to bed.

A ticking rabbit pulled my leg the next morning.
Awakening to an iridescent jungle can be overwhelming
so I followed the rabbit
until he jumped down your throat.

You know I’ve always been a sucker for dreams
so it’s no surprise I ate the mushrooms
growing in that patch of grass near the purple peach tree.

A booming black sun hid the trees
with colors that reminded me of Easter.
But Easter here is only a parade of spiders
and I hoped I’d not have to participate.

We sang love songs.
I took off my clothes and ran up mountains
made of pixies
whispering giggles
and feeding me raspberries.

Waking up next to two sticks,
the black sun went down and
a pink moon shined ice onto my back.
I can remember the day before.
But what had happened the day before that?

I walked back down your insides
passing the three-headed travelers
who looked lost.
At least, that’s what was written on their faces
when I passed by.

I put my head down
and kept walking.


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