May 29, 2013

I think, I need that protein.
I think, I feel like a stack of bones.
Drip down my chin and
tear skin.
I think, I need that mucus
on two old pillows
stained, naked
a representation of
a stack of bones.

What is so large in the cerebrum
is so small on sheets
dirtied with tobacco
slippery without warning signs
nothing but oil now.
Water, mucus, protein
immeasurable emptiness
rotten peach pit
wrapped in guts
leaking intestines.

Without form it is booming
angry at my universe
stack of shivering bones
sucking on this rotten peach
once the casket of a small worm
who tried to live off its succulent juices
but was trapped instead
in sinking slime.

Dead Worm forms inside me
wraps itself around leaking intestines
Dead Worm cries.
I can’t help you.
I’m sorry I ate you.
I’m sorry I’m leaking acid
all over your tiny carcass.
I’m sorry you tried so hard
when you should have known better.

I need protein.
but the mucus doesn’t listen.
They are all too happy to leave
the stack of bones.
It’s no place to live
no place for a child
too many natural disasters
and they just put up government housing
filled with dead worms.
Deadbeat dead worms
wrapped around leaking intestines.

A slimy rotten pit lives
in government housing
next door to a dead worm
wrapped around leaking intestines.
It was once a lovely fruit but
everything kills time.


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