Everything Is Meaningless

May 24, 2013

Lately I’ve been getting the newspaper
and not reading it.
I always plan on reading it but when I try
I cannot seem to piece the letters together
into a word and then a paragraph
about the new political scandal
or celebrity sighting
or how much nicer Brooklyn is getting.

When life is picking at my skin
analyzing every insecurity
talking to strangers in hopes they like me
racking my brain for something decent to say when someone asks
And what do you do?

Current events just aren’t important
when I’m standing in front of a mirror crying
just to watch myself cry
because you’re only pretty
if you’re pretty when you cry.
What do you do?

There is an old newspaper in my bag.
It’s easy to read old news.
Hindsight plays god
to today’s truths
becoming yesterdays opinions.

I tell my right opinion of yesterday’s news to a boy
and he likes me.
I spray perfume on my neck and he kisses me.
Spraying perfume can sometimes avoid small talk and asking things like
Where are you from?
Do you come here a lot?
What do you do?

I sometimes read the paper
but mostly it just adds weight on my shoulders
when it’s sitting in my bag
these days.


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