Hell, unearthed will destroy your lovely village.

May 2, 2013

Hell, unearthed
will destroy
your lovely village.

Burn down your children’s schools.
Set fire to your churches.

Surgically remove your skin.
Sew it back with needles.

Hide inside your organs.
Blow you kisses of

You will assume a diagnosis
And live by that diagnosis
And you will be schizophrenic
And manic depressive
And you will have attention deficit hyperactive disorder
And bulimia.

The bulimia
is left over
from the churches.

Tie your arms to strings
let yourself dance
under fingertips.

Please remember to bring your rape whistle
when you go out to the garden.
Please do not jump
down the rabbit hole.

Please do not fall
and ruin that pretty face.
It might get you a job one day or a man
with a job that pays well.

Please take this pill
but don’t take four.
Only take what you’re
prescribed by the man with the
white coat.

Go to sleep now.
Time for bed and your alarm
will ring in six hours and you will need to
shower before work and don’t forget
to take your pills.

In the morning
please take the children to the ashes
Of their Sunday school.


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