I have a love affair with Washington Square Park.

April 8, 2013

“Washington Square Park”

Children play in back of me.
They’re having fun on swings
And monkey bars.
Their mothers are sitting on park benches,
an enclosed space of X chromosomes.
And I think: I think, agoraphobia.
In front of me a jazz band of hipsters play.
The drummer is good.
Everywhere people sit upon grass,
They surround me.
Some light cigarettes.
They think, “Fuck Bloomberg.”
Some people sip on Starbucks cups
And some read and some write.
We’re sitting on a small patch of grassy land,
In a small park,
Enclosed by tall buildings.
I think of lighting up one of my own,
But my head hurts.
A girl walks in front of me – 
She looks safari-chic.
This park is exploding with thoughts.
I can see each passing thought
Float into the clouds.
If we collected every thought in Washington Square Park today,
We would discover world peace.
Or at least,
Cure cancer.


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